Franny Gaede

Director, Digital Scholarship Services

Franny (she/her/hers) is a librarian, leader, teacher, and activist working at the University of Oregon. She supports the integration of research technologies into scholarship, teaching, and learning. In her free time, she is an amateur calligrapher and enjoys spending time with her partner and two cats.

Photograph of a young, white woman with short hair, pink glasses, and a white cardigan

Licensed CC-BY-NC by Franny Gaede, art from Unsplash by Earl Wilcox


My full portfolio is available at Polywork. There, you can find copies of my slides, video recordings, links to news stories, and the occasional highlight from my calligraphy Instagram!You can use my Calendly to make a virtual or offline appointment with me.

I am available by request for remote and in-person speaking engagements and keynotes related to my areas of work and research: digital scholarship service modeling and sustainability; open access and social justice; preserving new forms of scholarly communication; and integration of digital scholarship work into tenure track research and teaching.


Cat mom 🐱 (Olly above, Lucas below), cardigan enthusiast, queer 💗💜💙🏳️🌈, video and board gamer 🎮🎲, calligrapher ✍🏻, lefty in more ways than one, better editor than writer, prolific user of ! and —, enjoys organizing things. Loves Star Trek 🖖🏻 and Wars equally, TV & movie trivia nerd, ebook reader, succulent grow-er (and occasional killer), Apple fangirl 🍎.

Photograph of a brown cat with a pink nose reaching a paw toward the camera
Photograph of a sleeping, orange cat with a white spot on his mouth, resting his head on his hands